There can be a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to oral health and it is important that you know the facts! Below are some of the more common myths that people seem to think about oral health and how they are all proved to be wrong. 

Myth #1: Brushing Your Teeth Harder is Better

Many people believe that brushing your teeth harder is better for your teeth. This in fact is not true! When you brush your teeth too hard, this can wear down the enamel on your teeth as well as damage your gums which can expose the sensitive root area. This can result in receding gums which can lead to more sensitive teeth. If you find your toothbrush bristles are starting to fan out, this could mean that you’re brushing your teeth too hard. Try to find a toothbrush with softer bristles and remember that it is actually better for your teeth to be more gentle with your brushing. 

Myth #2: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Even if you have pearly white teeth – this doesn’t necessarily mean these teeth are healthy. Although having white teeth does look nice, your overall oral health can stem from your gums, roots, or dental tissue. It is also important to note that if someone has yellow teeth – this doesn’t necessarily mean their teeth are unhealthy.. Teeth can become stained or turn yellow with age but it doesn’t equate to their teeth or gums being unhealthy. Just the same as someone with white teeth can still have cavities or sensitive teeth. 

Myth #3: Dental Checkups Are Optional

Getting regular dental checkups are most definitely not optional! Even if you are diligent about your oral healthcare routine, it is still important to visit your local dentist so they can complete additional cleaning under the gumline and in the areas that you might not be able to reach. It is also important for your dentist to check for other, more serious issues such as cavities, or gum disease. You want your dentist to check for these issues and provide treatment options before they become emergencies. 

Myth #4: You’re Too Old to Have Braces

Why shouldn’t you be able to have perfect, straight teeth even when you are older? Although metal braces may not be the most visually appealing option, there are so many other options out there these days that are able to fix your teeth in a more appealing way. At Cranberry Hill Dentistry in Waterdown, we offer Invisalign which is a popular treatment for adults due to how they are removable and virtually invisible on your teeth. Along with less frequent checkups, this option allows you to keep living your life while still receiving the oral treatment you need! 

Myth #5: Baby Teeth Don’t Matter

Some people may assume that baby teeth don’t matter since they will come out anyway. However, this is absolutely not the case. Tooth decay – no matter what the age – can lead to gum disease which is never a good thing. While your baby teeth may fall out – your gums have to last.. It is also important to instill good oral health habits in children at a young age so they continue to do this as they grow into their adult teeth. Brushing your baby teeth is absolutely important and should not be forgotten. 

If you have any other questions or are curious about any other dental health myths that you want addressed, feel free to contact Cranberry Hill Dentistry in Waterdown and we will be happy to help you! Your dentist will be sure to give great tips when it comes to taking care of your oral health and will tell you what is fact from fiction. 

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