Several cosmetic procedures can assist with helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. Two of the most common cosmetic procedures that can give your smile a makeover are dental veneers and dental bonding. Both options come with different advantages and disadvantages. 

What exactly are veneers? Veneers improve the overall shape, appearance, and strength of your teeth. Veneers consist of a thin shell (made of resin or porcelain), attached to the front of the tooth. The colour and texture of the veneers are selected based on the patient’s preference and should compliment all untreated teeth to look natural. Veneer placement will take more than one visit because veneers require more tooth preparation. 

What is dental bonding? Dental bonding is a minimally invasive procedure in which a composite resin material is applied and hardened using a special light. It’s a relatively quick process and is usually best for small repairs such as chipped teeth.

What’s the Difference in Cost?

Veneers are made from porcelain and will typically cost a lot more than the material used to place dental bonding on teeth. Dental veneers are a much more permanent option. Dental bonding is not a permanent solution. Bonding can stain, chip, and may need replacing, eventually.


Dental veneers are made to perform, with the potential to last a lifetime with proper care. Veneers are not invincible but, porcelain is much more durable than dental bonding resin. Dental bonding will likely have to be redone or replaced with veneers at a later point in time. While veneers are incredibly durable, they are still capable of sustaining damage. Patients who tend to clench or grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism, may elect to use a nightguard to protect their veneers while sleeping. However, a reputable dentist will elect to correct these issues prior to placing veneers.

Overall Appearance

Veneers and bonding should blend in with the colour and texture of your surrounding teeth. Dental veneers are stain-resistant, while the resin used for dental bonding can darken over time. If you want to cover staining that cannot be helped by professional whitening treatments, veneers are also a permanent whitening solution, especially if the shape of the teeth needs correcting. Permanently changing the colour of your teeth is a benefit of veneers.

Bonding can still enhance your smile but, the longevity of porcelain veneers is unmatched. Dental bonding is susceptible to chipping and is also not stain-resistant. It is easier to maintain a celebrity-white-smile using Veneers. Of course, bonding can be beneficial to treat tiny changes, but porcelain veneers work better for patients who require more changes for their smiles. Over time, the cost and hassle of repairing and replacing dental bonding can also be frustrating for patients. If you are interested in a smile makeover, talk to your dentist for recommendations.

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