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Cranberry Hill Dentistry, located in Waterdown, is where you will find Dr. Aaron Langdon and his team of professionals. Having newly opened his second Dentistry location, Dr. Langdon is committed to providing an excellent level of service to the community. His clinic prioritizes patient health, cleanliness and efficiency by practicing leading edge sterilization and providing solutions to patient needs and concerns.

Due to Dr. Langdon’s commitment to continuing education, Cranberry Hill Dentistry provides an extensive list of dental treatments. His ongoing training affords him the ability to extend his offering of professional services from routine procedures to complex orthodontic treatments. Dr. Langdon stays abreast of current techniques to provide his patients with the very best care possible. The team of warm and inviting professionals at Cranberry Hill Dentistry perform routine cleanings, tooth whitening, and filings as well as advanced procedures such as dental implants and full mouth reconstruction. Having a wide range of treatments available allows each patient to evaluate their options before selecting their preferred treatment plan.

Dr. Langdon and his staff would love to welcome you at the Cranberry Hill Dentistry office. Upon arrival, patients are greeted by a friendly team who are knowledgeable about treatments, options and patient history. Providing personalized service is a top priority and Dr Langdon ensures clients receive everything they need to experience a professional and successful appointment. Dr. Langdon prides himself on punctuality allowing patients to schedule their dental appointments into their busy day with ease. Please drop by to say hello – the door is always open.

Doctor Aaron Langdon Cranberry Hill Dentist

Dr. Aaron Langdon of Cranberry Hill Dentistry

Dr. Aaron Langdon loves nothing more than helping his patients feel confident. Having a beautiful smile gives his patients the confidence they need to succeed. He understands that changing the position of a tooth will change appearances and perceptions. When patients feel confident, they embrace life and strive for bigger and better opportunities. Dr. Langdon is driven to offer the very best dental care possible to ensure his patients thrive.  

Dr. Langdon graduated with his Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Biochemistry at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. During his studies he took a particular interest in the development of teeth and bones and went on to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2013. Following graduation, Dr. Langdon worked in a dental clinic in Grimsby for 4 years before taking over Silverman Dental in St. Catherines, ON, and renaming it Northern Niagara Dentistry in 2018. 

Exploring his love of dentistry, Dr. Langdon volunteered in Tanzania for 2 months as part of a medical outreach program. He aims to take away his patients’ insecurities with innovative oral health techniques, therefore, has a strong interest and commitment to keeping up with current research. He continues to take courses, seminars and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries in his field. 

Dr. Langdon and his wife, Charlotte, have settled in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario. As a family, they enjoy exploring the Halton neighbourhoods as well as relaxing with friends and family. He stays active in his spare time playing golf and squash and enjoys hiking the Niagara Escarpment. Dr.Langdon would love to help you and your family enjoy all that life has to offer — while flashing a big beautiful smile! 

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