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Let’s take a look at a few top dental questions.

Ask our Dentist in Waterdown:

Are electric toothbrushes better?

Many people ask Dr. Aaron Langdon, our dentist in Waterdown, which type of toothbrush is better, electric or manual? The answer is neither…or both! The most important thing is that you brush regularly. Look for the seal of the Canadian Dental Association on your toothbrush, and use a toothbrush with soft bristles. You can read more about choosing the right toothbrush for you on our Dental Blog.

What are the best teeth flossers?

Another common question to our dentist in Waterdown is what are the best teeth flossers? Again, the answer is… the best teeth flossers are the ones you use regularly! No tooth flossing product or technique is helpful if you don’t use them. So, it’s most important to choose a floss and technique that’s comfortable for you.

That being said, there are different flosses for different uses:

  • Waxed floss is good if your teeth are tightly spaced.
  • Larger floss, like dental tape, is good if you have bigger gaps between your teeth.
  • Flavour can make it more enjoyable to floss, which means you might be more likely to floss regularly!
  • Floss picks can make it easier to get to stubborn pieces of food left in your teeth like those annoying popcorn shells. They can also make it easier to get to the back of your teeth.
  • Or you might want to try wood plaque sticks, especially if you have larger gaps between your teeth.

There are also a variety of electric flossers and water pics on the market. The important thing with flossing is to do it and do it properly. Just like with your toothbrush, look for the Canadian Dental Association seal to know that the flossing product you’ve chosen

Check out our blog, Everything you Need to Know About Flossing for more information and talk to your dentist or dental assistant to learn more about the best flossing techniques.

Which are better, clear braces, Invisalign or traditional metal braces?

Are you tired of hearing this answer from our dentist in Waterdown? They’re all good. Again, it depends on your preference, as well as cost. Invisalign braces are the choice for many adults who don’t want others to know they’re wearing braces. Traditional metal braces are lower cost, and remain a popular choice for teens. This is a time when many teens wear braces, so they might not be as self-conscious flashing a bright metal smile. Plus, what’s cooler than a mouthful of coloured elastic bands?

If you’re looking for something in between, clear braces offer a good middle ground. They’re clear or tooth coloured, meaning they’re not as noticeable as traditional metal braces, but also not as expensive as Invisalign. To learn more about the differences between clear, metal and Invisalign braces, read our Dental Blog.

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