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Thinking It’s Too Late? Think About Clear Braces

Wondering if it is too late for you to correct your misaligned or crooked teeth? The truth is that it is never too late to straighten teeth if you choose to do it. Furthermore, there’s no need to have a mouth full of metal braces. You can opt for white ceramic or clear braces, braces that are mounted on the inside of your teeth, or Invisalign. Your dentist in Waterdown will realign your teeth, in the same way, no matter what your age, by applying pressure for an extended period of time, causing the teeth to shift. The process may take a little longer as you age, but it can be done! 

Misaligned Teeth Cause Other Problems

Besides the fact that they may not look as good as you’d like, misaligned teeth can also be the cause of other issues in and around your mouth. Many people suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ), migraines and other issues that could be related to their misaligned teeth. In many cases, dentists in Waterdown will suggest that when the teeth are straightened and the bite adjusted, the pain will subside or be eliminated entirely. If you experience any of these problems, alignment with clear braces or Invisalign may not be the solution, but it is one avenue of treatment to explore with your Waterdown dentist. 

What to Consider When Considering Invisalign

Invisalign is a relatively new way to straighten teeth, and it differs a little from the traditional method of using brackets and wires which exert pressure on teeth to move them around. Invisalign uses a series of clear retainers that gradually move teeth into their new position. You have to wear the Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours of the day, which includes sleeping with them, so they may not be the best fit for you. If you participate in many sports activities, have a sleep disorder that affects your breathing at night, or any other reasons that would prevent you from wearing the aligners for the prescribed time daily, then you should consider an alternative such as clear braces or ceramic braces.

Ortho for the Whole Family – Finding a Dentist in Waterdown

Cranberry Hill Dentistry provides orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages at our Waterdown dental clinic. We welcome children for assessments of issues that appear early. It’s often better to start early, once adult teeth have grown in because children’s bones are less dense. Less bone density makes it easier to move teeth around, expand palates, and change the shape of the jaw to achieve the desired result. While these changes are still possible to achieve in adults, the timelines are often longer, and some major structural changes could require surgery. 

Dental Implants and Other Cosmetic Treatments

Orthodontics may be the last phase of your treatment if you are undergoing a full smile makeover. Other restorative and cosmetic treatments such as dental implants, veneers, crowns or bonding may be done before you begin. These procedures can have an impact on the methods used and the length of time that orthodontic treatment requires. But be patient, your new smile will be worth it!

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