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Cranberry Hill Family Dental Centre in Waterdown

Keeping up with your oral health care when life gets busy can be difficult. Having the support of a family dental centre in Waterdown goes a long way to ensuring that your mouth is healthy along with regular brushing and flossing every day. The team at Cranberry Hill dentistry would love to be your family dental centre in Waterdown, looking after the dental health of all members of your family. Call us to book an appointment today! 

How Teeth Bleaching Can Give You a Lift

In addition to general dentistry, we provide professional teeth bleaching that can whiten your teeth, change the look of your smile and give your spirits a lift. Professional teeth bleaching lasts longer than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits or DIY methods and won’t damage the enamel or cause gum irritation. Teeth bleaching is a quick and easy way to remove the stains caused by the foods you eat, some medications, or smoking. After teeth whitening, you can keep your teeth bright and clean by watching what you eat and drink, brushing and flossing daily and getting regular deep cleanings at a dental office in Waterdown. 

Find a Cosmetic Dentist in Waterdown

Dr. Aaron Langdon is a general and cosmetic dentist in Waterdown, offering dental veneers and dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Waterdown should be looking to restore your teeth to full function in addition to improving your smile in a way that suits your face. Call for a consultation on how dental veneers or a full mouth restoration can change your smile for the better.  

How Straight Are Your Teeth? – Braces and Invisalign

Are you one of the 65% of people whose teeth are misaligned or that don’t meet together when you bite down? That’s called malocclusion, and it can often be easily corrected with braces or Invisalign—even in adults. Invisalign is often preferred by adults because the aligners are clear and less obvious than metal braces. Invisalign takes about two years to gently move your teeth into place, leaving you with an improved smile and better functioning bite. Wondering if Invisalign is right for you? Call us to find out!

Dental Sealants – Recommendations from a Family Dentist in Waterdown

We provide dental care to all members of your family, from kids to adults and seniors. We love children and take care to develop a relationship with them that will help lead to great oral care habits for life. As little teeth develop and give way to adult teeth, we may recommend the application of dental sealants to protect the molars from cavities. Read more about the benefits of dental sealants on our blog!

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