Waterdown Teeth Whitening near you

If you are looking for Waterdown Teeth Whitening and an amazing dentist office that offers family dental services, then look no further than Cranberry Hill. For all residents in Waterdown it is conveniently located near you and for all residents residing in other nearby towns such as Burlington, Oakville and even Hamilton, our office isn’t too far away as it is located on the corner of Dundas Street and Spring Creek, at 477 Dundas St E, Unit 1. We offer quality dental care and a wide variety of services for adults and children of all ages. We are a group that understands how to take care of natural teeth and gums. We also offer a range of dental services such as full mouth reconstruction, mouth rehabilitation and the application of dental implants. Dr.Langdon recognizes that oral health is important and makes sure to handle cosmetic procedures with a carefully thought out treatment plan.

Professional Teeth whitening

Have you ever considered professional teeth whitening? When home kits and other self-whitening products don’t do the job, Cranberry Hill offers professional teeth whitening that is sure to brighten up your smile and add confidence to your look. What we do is implement a proven procedure plan to ensure that we make the most out of the hydrogen peroxide solution we use to affect the teeth. We first ask patients to come in and show us what level of whiteness they’d like to be applied to their teeth throughout the cosmetic procedure. We then scrub the teeth to remove any agents or blemishes that would obscure the cosmetic procedure in any way. After that the patient is offered two different facets of teeth whitening. They may choose the option of letting the hydrogen peroxide solution sit on their teeth for the duration of their session or may choose to perform the same kind of procedure but with the addition of LED lights shining overhead their teeth to amplify the effects of the hydrogen peroxide solution. After the appointment is completed, the patient is then instructed and educated in all the ways that they need to take care of their teeth. Some of the ways include avoiding highly acidic foods or foods that stain teeth such as coffee, wine, candy, juices, and other harmful foods that could disrupt the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Dr. Langdon

Dr. Langdon is a doctor with extensive experience in the space of oral dentistry. He began his education in London, Ontario and began his work in oral dentistry in Grimsby, Ontario, after spending four years there he moved to St.Catherines where to practice more family dentistry. Dr. Langdon is experienced and trusted in the medical space having completed his masters in biochemistry and committing outreach programs in countries where the population suffers from bad oral practice. All in all no service or procedure is too big or small for Dr.Langdon who loves his job and is an excellent pediatric dentist for Waterdown Teeth Whitening.

Cranberry Hill Dentistry

Always searching for “kids dentist near me” ? Look no further than Cranberry Hill dentistry for all of your pediatric dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation needs. Conveniently located near you, Cranberry Hill accommodates all members of the community for a wide range of services. We are a group of dental practitioners that educate our clients on proper teeth and gum. Gum care is especially important because your gums are the foundation of your oral health. Gums directly affect your teeth and gum diseases can sometimes affect your whole body rather than just your mouth. At Cranberry Hill we take the extra step in making sure all areas of oral health are covered with quality dental care for adults and children of all ages. Contact Cranberry Hill Dentistry to book an appointment or ask any questions.

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