The best smiles are often found on the faces of our children and we all have a part to play in keeping it that way. Our Cranberry Hill dental team in Waterdown approaches paediatric and child dentistry in a very collaborative manner. We understand that parents play a key role in creating positive dental experiences for their child and we want to make sure they are armed with the information and tips to make that happen.

With those first few teeth come questions from parents about dental cleaning and visits during the early stages. As a family dentist right here in Waterdown, I have years of experience caring for our youngest patients’ dental health needs and here is what I tell parents:

Practice good habits right from the start. Habits are hard to break… the good and the bad ones. Make dental care habits a positive experience and ensure that your kids understand the importance of healthy dental routines, including brushing twice daily and flossing. When your kids aren’t old enough to take care of their own teeth, make sure that you are keeping them on track. It is a great way to foster important one-on-one time.

Visit the dentist regularly. Whether it is a visit to look at the first tooth erupting through the gums, or to discuss braces for your teen, regular dental visits are important to not only keep the teeth and gums clean, but to address any potential dental challenges that might arise. Our Cranberry Hill dental team focuses on the comfort of your child at every visit to ensure a lifelong habit is born.

Model good habits. You are your child’s first teacher and they are great mirrors, reflecting our own habits back to us. Let them watch you brushing and flossing as often as possible, so that when they are ready to take on responsibility for their own dental care, they’ll know exactly what to do. It’s good for them, but good for you too. It keeps us all committed to our best oral health.

Speak kindly. We understand that some may have had less than positive first experiences in the dental chair. It is important not to let your own dental anxiety impact your child. Speak positively about the dentist and dental visits and let your child form their own opinions based on their interactions with Cranberry Hill Dentistry. You might even change your own mindset once you sit in our chair.

Complete your own regular checks. Take time to inspect your child’s teeth, gums and surrounding soft tissue regularly. Take note of any irregularities when it comes to colour and surface area, and share with Dr. Langdon immediately if there’s anything that seems suspicious.

Make healthy food and drink choices. Parents hold all the power when it comes to the decision of what their kids eat and drink. While we don’t advocate saying “no” to all treats, they should be the exception rather than the rule. Foods loaded with calcium, vitamins A, C and D, omega-3 fats and fluoride promote healthy mouths… think yogurt, fruits (the non-acidic ones), vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and water.

Together, we can make your child’s dental visits at our Waterdown clinic a positive experience and one that they will look forward to continuing in the future. It is possible… we promise.

Your questions are always welcome. Feel free to ask about your own oral health journey and risk factors. Remember, the more you share with your dental team, the more we can proactively keep your smile healthy.

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