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Whether you have just moved to Waterdown, Burlington, or Hamilton or whether you are searching for a new dentist cleaning in Waterdown, try Cranberry Hill Dentistry! We believe that good dental hygiene is important for your oral health and overall health. That’s why we recommend regular dental visits, including teeth cleanings and checkups.

When you need a dentist in Waterdown, we want you to know that Cranberry Hill Dental is here for all your dental hygiene needs!

Cosmetic Dentistry – Teeth Whitening and More

Plus, we do more than just checkups. We are here for all your dental needs. Want to talk to us about teeth whitening? We’ll give you information to help you decide, and determine what teeth whitening method is right for you.

We can discuss teeth whitening with bleach, over-the-counter and DIY solutions or even veneers if your teeth need to be reshaped or strengthened.

If you have a missing tooth, consult with us regarding dental implants and crown and bridge replacements. We can even fit you for dentures if that’s the solution you prefer.

Braces and Invisalign in Burlington, Waterdown and Hamilton

Cranberry Hill Dentistry is also equipped to offer orthodontic treatment. Braces are recommended when teeth are misaligned in your mouth, causing an incorrect bite. Misaligned teeth can cause difficulty chewing, jaw pain or even speech impediments. They can also be associated with sleep apnea, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw and gum disease or tooth decay.

To correct the condition, braces are placed on the teeth to gently straighten teeth over time. We will monitor your mouth for progress in realigning the teeth, and remove the braces once the desired result is achieved.

Braces no longer have to be “tinsel teeth”. Today you can choose Invisalign, and others will barely even notice the appearance of the braces in your mouth.

Tooth Pain Problem? No Problem for Us – We Want to Help!

Having a toothache is no laughing matter. When you’re experiencing tooth pain, all you want is for that pain to go away. Dr. Aaron Langdon can perform emergency dental procedures to help alleviate the problem causing the pain. We can also talk to you about dental hygiene practices that might help keep the pain from coming back.

If you’re in Waterdown and get tooth pain, call us immediately at 905-689-9551. We’ll do our best to fit you in as soon as possible. If it’s after hours, we’ll try to accommodate you or find an emergency dentist who can take you immediately.

At Cranberry Hill Dentistry, We Care About Your Dental Health

Your dentist in Waterdown, Dr. Aaron Langdon and his staff want to provide the best dental care for you. Starting from when you walk through the door, our office manager will greet you and make you feel comfortable.

Our knowledgeable dental assistants will help you relax throughout your treatments and will be happy to explain the steps in the process so you are comfortable throughout your experience. Our dental hygienists will talk to you about good dental hygiene while they clean your teeth and provide oral care.

You can talk to them about brushing and flossing, and even ask them about the best electric toothbrush. If you have sensitive teeth or are experiencing tooth pain, talk to them, and they can take special care during your treatment. They will also raise concerns with Dr. Langdon, who will provide his professional advice and recommendations.

Looking for a Children’s Dentist in Waterdown?

Children’s dentistry involves a lot more than simple dental hygiene. The goal of a children’s dentist is to set your child up with good oral health habits to help their teeth last a lifetime. We treat baby teeth just as carefully as adult teeth. We provide tips on proper dental hygiene in a way that you and your children can understand.

We work closely with children and parents to teach good dental hygiene habits, from brushing your baby’s gums to teaching easy brushing and flossing techniques once teeth come in.

If you need a dental cleaning, want to know more about teeth whitening or are concerned about tooth pain, contact us today!

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