A preventive approach to oral care starts with finding the right dental team to meet your needs. You want to look for an experienced dentist who provides a warm and friendly atmosphere combined with the latest in technology and dental treatments to effectively meet all your dental care needs.

However, it’s important to understand that not all dental treatments are created equal. Our needs change as we move through each life stage. Starting from basic dental cleaning needs to the more detailed dental treatments, your dentist should have the expertise to deal with most dental needs at each age and stage.

Dental Visits at Every Age

Dental concerns change with age and health. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect at each age. Knowing what to expect can help you bring the best, and most relevant, information forward during your visit.

0 to 2 Years: Healthy habits start forming even before the first tooth erupts through the gums; that’s why baby care is focused primarily on ensuring an optimal environment for growing teeth. It’s about teaching mom / dad / caregivers best daily habits – such as gum cleaning, diet, proper use of bottle, etc… – to ensure the best dental start in life.

2 – 12 Years: Developing strong oral habits at a young age will help ensure they become lifelong habits. Our Cranberry Hill dental team will teach proper brushing and flossing techniques and talk about important lifestyle decisions that lead to strong oral health. We know that kids mimic their parents, so our team also talks with parents about modelling good oral hygiene as well. This is also the age where Dr. Langdon finds and addresses potential dental problems before they can spiral out of control.

13 to 19 Years: While continuing discussions on oral health are priority, teens also face very unique and specific dental concerns, mostly due to their rapid growth and hormonal changes. As children transition to adulthood, we look at the role braces, third molars, facial appearance and bad breath play in overall dental health. We can’t guarantee that your teen will listen, but it’s been our experience that youth tend to care about their oral hygiene a little more with every passing year.

19 to 50 Years: Every day wear and tear on our teeth as we age is very common and takes proactive care to offset. However, as we age, dental concerns expand beyond the mouth and your dental team looks at the consequences of periodontal and gum disease on your overall health, specifically as it may relate to oral cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular health.

50 Plus: Dr. Langdon looks more closely at gum disease, tooth and root decay, dry mouth, tooth sensitivity, and diabetes… just some of the conditions that become more prevalent as we age.

Your questions are always welcome. Feel free to ask about your own oral health journey and risk factors. Remember, the more you share with your dental team, the more we can proactively keep your smile healthy.

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