Tiny Teeth are as Important as the Big Ones

With everything that has been happening over the last few months, preventative dental care took a back seat to emergencies and urgent care for a while. Now, as things return to normal, we can refocus on the little things that still matter. Some of the littlest things are your child’s baby teeth.  

Do Baby Teeth Really Matter?

Some parents mistakenly underestimate the importance of taking care of children’s teeth right from the very beginning. We educate our patients on the fact that baby teeth do matter because they have a function. Baby teeth also play a role in setting up kids with proper oral care habits for the future. Furthermore, bringing your child in for regular checkups from an early age also allows us to catch any developmental issues and head them off early.  

They Will Fall Out Anyway

Baby teeth aren’t permanent, but that doesn’t mean they are expendable. Keeping baby teeth until they fall out naturally is the ideal situation. Consider what teeth do for you. They let you chew your food adequately, and they allow you to make the sounds necessary for speech. Prematurely losing one or more baby teeth means that the child will have to adapt for a longer period of time before the adult tooth comes in. Of course, having a gappy smile and not being able to eat an apple right off the core are rites of passage for children. However, there are also more good reasons to want to protect baby teeth. 

Your Forever Gums

While baby teeth come and go, we only have one set of gums to last for life. Caring for baby teeth with proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings help keep your child’s gums healthy and prevents gingivitis. We tend to associate gingivitis and gum disease with age, however, it can also occur in children. Establishing those good habits now will keep their gums healthy for the arrival of new adult teeth, and make kids more likely to continue with consistent habits in the future.   

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dentist

We take the opportunity of seeing kids for regular appointments to teach them about oral health care. Even though parents stress these ideas, sometimes the importance of good habits, and learning how to effectively brush and floss is better received from someone outside your household. Throw in some fun stuff like looking at x-ray images and choosing a new toothbrush to take home, and a visit to the dentist can instill a feeling of trust and enjoyment in coming to see us.  

A Good Time to Assess Development

Getting a good look at teeth and jaws as they are growing also allows us to identify structural problems early on. While we typically don’t start orthodontics until age ten or later, problems like overbite or crossbites can begin to be addressed. At an early age, often all it takes as a retainer or expander to correct these issues. 

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth, even though you only have them for a few years of your life. Dental care for young children encompasses more than just preventing cavities. It is also about building relationships with kids, encouraging their good habits, establishing a baseline for future care.  

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