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It happens to everyone. A dental emergency consists of a missing tooth, and a lot of tears. They happen more frequently than you’d think. But did you know that there are many other dental emergencies besides a broken tooth or fractured tooth? From an abscessed tooth to broken orthodontics and more, there are so many things that will have you searching for a dental clinic near me. Along with many different types of dental emergencies detailed below, there are also many tips on how to avoid a trip to your local Waterdown dental clinic for emergency dental care.


Our mouths are very vulnerable to diseases and infections. They are constantly exposed to an infinite number of bacterial and harmful outwards factors. When a tooth becomes abscessed, that means that the gums area surrounding that tooth has been collecting pus between the teeth or in the gum itself. The infection itself looks like an outbreak of pimples and causes insane swelling and sharp pains in the mouth. An abscess should immediately be taken care of as the infection can spread from your teeth, to the gum tissue, and even further into the rest of your body if you allow the infection to remain untreated. It is a very serious matter and if it occurs to you, please look for an emergency dental clinic near me immediately. An oral hygienist or another dentist near Waterdown should take a look at it as fast as possible. Avoiding gum disease and infection is very important since our gums are vital identifiers of dental health. Keeping gums healthy is as easy as remembering to brush teeth two to three times a day and to make sure that the brush is getting all the tiny crevices and corners that are usually neglected.

Torn Orthodontics – Emergency Dental Clinic near me

Just because braces feel nice and solid in your mouth, doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Braces are commonly known to unravel and come loose inside your mouth. Braces are meant to sit in your mouth without moving, as that is how they work best. When braces become misaligned or loosened in your mouth, this opens the door for a range of negative outcomes. Any severe contact to your oral structure with loose braces can result in excruciating pain and possible permanent damage. Another catastrophic possibility could be the wires from your braces coming loose and piercing your mouth, lips, gums and any surrounding areas of your oral area. That’s why if at any time, your braces feel as if they are loose or protruding in any way, you should immediately visit a dentist on Dundas to alleviate the tension and fix whatever problem you have going on. If your dentistry on Dundas is busy, and you cannot receive treatment immediately, then there are other things you can do in the meantime of your appointment. You can try to push your wire in position and apply orthodontic wax to keep the exposed wire covered. A way you can avoid broken orthodontics is by trying to limit the amount of strain and stress your braces suffer as much as possible. Another way to avoid broken orthodontics is only eating foods that are soft and easily chewable in nature. It is best to avoid foods like popcorn, potato chips, hard candy, and other extremely solid foods that cause damage to the wire framework of your braces.

Cranberry Hill Dentistry

Cranberry Hill Dentistry is composed of an amazing team of professionals that work cohesively together to help with all sorts of dental problems and emergencies. The work ethic and knowledge that Cranberry Hill has is unparalleled. When a sudden accident occurs, and you are in need of emergency dental services, don’t go looking for an emergency dental clinic near me. Instead, come to Cranberry Hill Dentistry, where no problem is too big or small for our team to handle. We are easily accessible as we are located at Dundas Street and Spring Creek, at 477 Dundas St E, Unit 1.

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