Despite maintaining proper oral hygiene and consistently having your teeth professionally cleaned, the food you eat can have an impact on your oral health. It might not be practical to eliminate foods that are terrible for your teeth, but you can work to keep consumption to a minimum or take precautions to ensure you clean your teeth thoroughly after consuming them. Keep reading if you would like to learn more about foods that can harm your teeth.

Hard Candy

Hard candy can be harmful to your teeth. Chewing hard candy can result in a broken or chipped tooth. Even if you do not chew hard candy, if you eat a lot of it, the constant exposure to sugar will end up harming your teeth. Frequent exposure to sugar can lead to plaque build-up and ultimately cause gingivitis. Try chewing sugar-free gum instead of sugary candy.


Many people think ice is harmless because it’s made out of water and contains no sugar or other additives. However, people that chew on ice are in danger of causing a broken or chipped tooth or damage to the enamel. A better alternative to chewing ice is upping your hydration by drinking more water.

Citrus Fruit and Juice

If you frequently eat citrus fruit or drink acidic or carbonated beverages, you are at risk of eroding your enamel, which makes your teeth more susceptible to decay. If you experience a mouth sore or canker, having acidic beverages can irritate them, making sores more painful. The best alternative to drinking acidic beverages is selecting plain water instead. Try to minimize the consumption of carbonated or acidic beverages instead of creating a daily habit.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods can damage your teeth because they tend to stay on your teeth much longer when compared to other non-sticky types of food. Healthy sticky foods can be a problem too. Dried fruit, for example, is considered to be a healthy alternative to many less healthy snacks. However, dried fruit is so sticky it can result in damage to your teeth. To prevent damage, it is a good idea to either rinse with water or brush and floss after eating.

Starchy Foods

Many people love potato chips. They come in many different so many flavours, there is an option for everyone. Unfortunately, potato chips contain a high amount of starch, which can easily get trapped in your teeth. Similar to potato chips, bread also contains starch. Did you know that when you chew bread, your saliva causes the starch to break down and turn into sugar? Bread can stick to the crevices between your teeth, which can lead to cavities. Of course, white bread is more harmful than less-refined varieties like multigrain or whole wheat. If you frequently eat starchy foods, take extra time to floss and remove all of the food particles. If food particles remain on your teeth for too long, it will result in plaque build-up that is only able to be removed during a professional cleaning.


Frequently drinking coffee or tea can end up staining your teeth, especially if drinking coffee is a daily habit. It is also important to consider that many people do not drink their coffee or tea plain. Adding sugar to coffee, especially if you are a frequent drinker, can harm your smile. Try to limit how much sugar you add to your coffee, and brushing your teeth before drinking coffee can help prevent teeth staining.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks like soda can cause plaque build-up, and the sugar content can produce acids that will end up attacking your enamel. Carbonated soft drinks (soda) are acidic and can dry out your mouth. Sports drinks seem like a healthy alternative, but sugar is one of the top ingredients for many sports and energy drinks. Sports drinks might appear healthy and helpful for athletes engaged in physical activity, but many experts deem these drinks unnecessary in most cases. It is best to limit the consumption of soda, sports, and energy drinks, but if you must have one try to select one that is low in sugar.


Alcohol can cause dehydration and lead to a dry mouth. Drinking alcohol frequently will result in reduced saliva flow, which can cause tooth decay, oral infections, and even gum disease. Heavy alcohol use can also increase the risk of oral cancer. Consuming alcohol in moderation is best for the sake of your oral and overall health.

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