There is nothing worse than having sensitive teeth and worrying that every food or drink you go to consume will trigger your sensitivity. Hot or cold food/drinks often tend to trigger teeth sensitivity, however if you have constant pain this can be a sign of a more serious issue. Visit your local dentist or hygienist to discuss your symptoms and determine the proper cause and treatment options for your teeth. 

Sensitive Teeth & The Causes

Sensitive teeth can be caused when the enamel on the outer layer of your teeth gets worn down to a thinner layer, causing exposure of your nerve. Due to the nerve having more exposure, this can trigger pain on the affected teeth. Your enamel can commonly get worn down from grinding your teeth, consuming too much acidic foods, or brushing your teeth too hard. This can cause gum recession and leave root exposure over time. People can experience sensitive teeth from hot or cold foods and beverages, acidic foods and beverages, cold water, and brushing or flossing teeth. 

Sensitive Teeth Treatment Options

With mild conditions of tooth sensitivity, you can try treating the pain with simple over-the-counter dental treatments. You may be able to find some relief if you choose a desensitizing toothpaste. These toothpastes can contain ingredients that can help protect your tooth surface from sensitive triggers. There are also certain fluoride mouthwash products that can help to strengthen your enamel on your teeth. Talk to your dentist about what options they recommend. The solution could just be as simple as using a softer toothbrush and brushing your teeth more lightly, flossing, and overall better oral care. Give these solutions time as it can take consistent oral care improvement to see results. If you are still experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain after trying these, revisit your dentist for some more serious treatment options.

Dental Office Treatments

If you are experiencing more painful symptoms of tooth sensitivity, this could be caused by a more severe dental condition. Your local dentist will determine the cause and proper treatment for your pain. This could involve getting a crown, a filling, or a cleaning. In some cases, your dentist will be able to refer you to a specialist for proper gum repair. Your dentist also may offer some advice or prescribe a tooth sensitivity toothpaste or mouthwash that will help to ease up your pain moving forward. 

If ever you or those around you are experiencing extreme pain with teeth sensitivity and are looking for an emergency dentist, visit Cranberry Hill Dentistry in Waterdown. Dr. Langdon prides himself on making appointments easy to book to accommodate his patient’s busy schedules. To book an appointment call 905-689-9551 or drop in! The door is always open.

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