Braces and Invisalign are two great options for those looking to achieve a straighter smile. Both options work to align, straighten and adjust spaces between teeth. Whether you’re in your teens or forties, it’s never too late to inquire about ways to improve the alignment of your teeth. Your dentist can discuss which teeth straightening options will work best for you and your lifestyle. Let’s dive into the difference between both wired braces and Invisalign!

Understanding How Wired Braces Work

Having braces put on is not a painful experience. This customized orthodontic treatment works to straighten teeth over time. Over time, your teeth shift due to the constant pressure applied by the braces.

Adding Wired Braces to Your Smile

While each treatment is customizable according to each patient, below is a general overview of how braces are applied.

In preparation for braces, teeth must get cleaned professionally at the dentist. Once dry, metal brackets are glued to each tooth and supported by an archwire and bonding material. The wire applies pressure to both the jawline and teeth, causing teeth to shift to the desired alignment over time. To add additional pressure, elastic bands get placed around the brackets on your teeth. As teeth move, the archwire must be adjusted. Metal parts referred to as buccal tubes can be added to molars to help hold the braces together. Multiple scheduled appointments with the dentist are required to analyze the progress and make any adjustments. While the length of treatment varies per person, braces often are worn between one to three years. The dentist will set expectations during your appointments which are typically every four weeks.

Developing Good Oral Care Habits with Braces

While everyone should practice good oral care by brushing and flossing a few times per day, it’s imperative to take especially great care of your teeth once you have braces. You can practice good oral care through brushing and flossing after each meal. Maintaining good habits ensures that you remove food and debris stuck in your braces and teeth. Remember to also schedule regular cleaning appointments at the dentist in addition to your braces checkup appointments.

What’s the Deal With Invisalign?

Invisalign, like the name, is transparent aligners! Your Invisalign aligners are customized based on the shape of your teeth. They’re lightweight and removable, allowing you the option of taking them off during meals or while caring for your teeth. Your aligners are also individually trimmed to match your gumline. Treatment lasts for around 1-year for most patients. You’ll receive multiple trays of fresh Invisaligns to wear; the number of trays depends on the length of your anticipated treatment. You’ll wear the same tray of aligners for one to two weeks, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. To keep your aligners clean, rinse and brush them gently with your toothbrush before going to sleep each night.

Invisalign Require Fewer Visits

Although we love to see you at Cranberry Hill Dentistry, wearing Invisalign requires fewer trips to the dentist. This teeth-straightening option could be ideal for the individual who leads a busier lifestyle. With Invisalign, visits are every 6-8 weeks to track progress. Don’t forget to book regular teeth cleaning appointments in addition to your Invisalign checkups!

What’s the Best Option?

Either straightening option will provide you with sustainable results! Depending on the state of alignment of your teeth, your dentist might recommend which aligner would work best. However, be sure to express your preference and voice any questions you have about either possible treatment. Whether you’re excited to show off your new braces or Invisalign, Cranberry Hill Dentistry is here with you every step of the way! Let’s help you achieve your dream smile!


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