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Take the first step towards your optimal oral health and visit Cranberry Hill family dental clinic. We offer a variety of services ranging from teeth cleaning to preventative oral care for your whole family. We welcome patients of all ages to our family dental clinic and ensure that you will experience high quality service and care. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your family dental clinic at 905-689-9551 or fill out the form below.

Need a Tooth Extraction? Visit a Dentist Near Me

At Cranberry Hill Dentist in Waterdown, we will be sure to do a complete inspection of your tooth and determine if a tooth extraction is the best course of treatment for your oral health. At our family dental clinic, we have a wide range of options for replacing these tooth extractions including implants, bridges, and dentures. We always want to ensure that you are leaving our dentist feeling more confident than ever. Visit our website for more information on the services that we offer.

Teeth Whitening at a Dentist in Waterdown

If you are looking to restore your beautiful white smile, consider getting a professional teeth whitening treatment at Cranberry Hill Dentist near me. We treat teeth than have been stained with food, drinks, or medication and renew a beautiful smile and confidence in our patients. If you have any further questions on teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, please fill in the form below or contact us at 905-689-9551

Looking For a Kids Dentist? Visit Waterdown Family Dentistry

Here at Cranberry Hill family dental clinic, we understand the importance of treating oral health at a young age. It is important to develop lasting oral care habits in children at a young age so they understand the importance of taking care of your teeth. Our goal is to have children feel comfortable coming to the dentist and we want to be there to answer any questions that parents may have. Visit our website to learn more about our experienced kids dentist, Dr. Langdon and the team at Cranberry Hill Dentistry.

Braces for Adults – Try Invisalign at Dentist Near Me

Invisalign is a great option for adults who want to get the same results as traditional braces but without the visual appeal. Invisalign functions like traditional braces, however, are virtually invisible in your mouth. This benefit along with less frequent check-ups and the ability to remove them if needed are just some of the reasons why Invisalign is such a great option for adults. For more information on the benefits of Invisalign, visit Cranberry Hill Dentist in Waterdown or give us a call at 905-689-9551.

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