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Family Dental Care at a Dentist Near Me – Teeth Whitening and More

Cranberry Hill Dentistry in Waterdown is a family dentistry clinic. Our dentist near me, Dr. Aaron Langdon, provides family dental care to patients of all ages. In addition to family dental care, you can come to us for teeth whitening, orthodontics and a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services

Cranberry Hill Dentistry – When You Need an Emergency Dentist

Not all dental needs can wait until your next scheduled checkup. If you need an emergency dentist, give us a call. We can help with treatment, advice, or give you a referral to an endodontist or periodontist. Breaking a tooth or having a tooth knocked out are good reasons to call an emergency dentist. Our first priority will be to save the tooth. However, if saving the tooth is impossible, we can also discuss options for replacing it with a dental implant, crown and bridge, or a partial denture. We hope you won’t need an emergency dentist, but if you do, call us! 

Kids Dentists Take Care of Tiny Teeth

Children’s oral health is every bit as important as adults, even though their baby teeth are only temporary. Building trust to avoid fear, establishing proper oral care habits, and identifying any developmental issues that could need correcting in the future are services that a kids dentist should provide. Children also need the deep cleanings that a hygienist can provide during regular visits. Baby teeth may come and go, but gums are for life! 

All About Braces – Invisalign Dentist in Waterdown

We provide orthodontics for teens and adults, and we believe that no one is too old for braces! Many adults want to straighten crooked teeth because they want to improve their smile. But some also need to correct misalignments of the bite that make teeth difficult to clean, which cause migraines, TMJ and other chronic issues. We offer Invisalign invisible aligners, which slowly correct the alignment of teeth using a series of clear retainers. Over a period of two years, your teeth will move back into alignment, improving your smile, and eliminating problems with bite. Contact us for a consultation if you would like to learn more about how and Invisalign dentist in Waterdown can help you. 

Waterdown Family Dentistry – Makeover Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Braces or Invisalign can only do so much to straighten your teeth. In our Waterdown family dentistry clinic, we use dental veneers to permanently change the size, shape, and colour of your teeth. Porcelain veneers in Waterdown act as caps that are permanently bonded to the visible front teeth. The dental veneer is shaped to match your natural teeth, but can correct any imperfections, and can be sized to create a pleasing smile. In addition, the colour of the porcelain can be matched to your natural teeth or can be lightened for a permanent whitening effect. Get in touch with us to talk about a smile makeover and to learn more about dental veneers. We would be pleased to be your Waterdown dentist and to provide oral health care to your entire family. Call us at our Waterdown family dentistry clinic 905-689-9551 or complete the form below to get in touch. 

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