Cranberry Hill – Waterdown Mouth Rehabilitation

It’s always important to get your son or daughter on the right path to clean oral health as fast as possible. From flossing, daily brushing, what foods to monitor and more, there is always something to teach your child to ensure they are getting the right start into dental care. That’s why at Cranberry Hill, we like to call ourselves a family dentistry, because even though we take care of Mom and Dad, we recognize that children are our future and want to make sure they have a confident smile throughout their young, adolescent and eventually adult lives. Children and pre teens may go through many different aspects of full mouth rehabilitation. From getting tonsils removed, braces being applied, root canals, cavity removals and more, Cranberry hill is also a children’s dental office that provides a wide range of dental services to ensure that basic oral hygiene standards are constantly met. Cranberry Hill’s Dr.Langdon is a pediatric dentist that helps adults and children of all ages with quality dental care and amazing treatment plans.

Crowns – Mouth Rehabilitation

Our teeth, while durable, take a lot of damage over the course of our lives. At Cranberry Hill’s conveniently located building in Waterdown, we help with many cosmetic procedures. One of those being the application and maintenance of crowns. Crowns are covers for teeth that are made from a variety of materials based on the crown itself. Crowns are responsible for replacing chipped or broken teeth that can cause further damage to your teeth and gums. With our full mouth rehabilitation and dental implant services, we can transform any oral irregularities into a smile with natural teeth. While having a crown is quite common in older adults, it can be avoided with proper oral care. It is always important to make sure that your teeth are being cleaned daily to ensure that plaque buildup does not occur or a resulting cavity. It is also important to pay attention when playing physical sports such as football or basketball as there are many tooth loss related injuries linked to those sports. It is also important to recognize that your teeth are not tools that should be used to open up cans, jars or bottles. Teeth are precious to adults and we only get one set for our adult lives. So it is always important to take care of them. Crowns are made to last. Our crowns are of top quality and should last patients anywhere from 3 to 15 years depending on how well they take care of the crown itself. It is crucial to always make sure your crowns and teeth are well flossed to reduce buildup in between them, as well as ensuring that high sugar foods are regulated and consumed in moderation to prevent more decay on your teeth which would provide more oral health complications and require the addition of more dental implants. Dr. Langdon can provide all the help you need and more.

Cranberry Hill Waterdown

If you have just moved to the Waterdown area or are close to us in Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville and looking for new people to take care of your teeth and gums, then look no further. Cranberry Hill is always open to new business and patients. We are easily accessible as our building of operations is located on the corner of Dundas Street and Spring Creek, at 477 Dundas St E, Unit 1. Everything from a range of routine, advanced, and orthodontic procedures are all handled under the same roof and do not require you to drive from location to location for cosmetic procedures or anything at all. When you are ready to make the switch to a dental office that truly gets to know your teeth and gums the right way, come and find Cranberry Hill Family dental services. Contact Cranberry Hill Dentistry to book an appointment or ask any questions.

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