Loose Teeth Can Happen At Any Age

Loose teeth are a rite of passage for children but they can also become a problem for adults as well. It’s a natural occurrence for kids, however poor oral hygiene habits and the onset of gum disease in adults can cause the connective tissue holding teeth in place to deteriorate. In any stage of life, a loose tooth can be an irritating experience that hinders your ability to bite or chew, and in adults often signals the presence of other issues. 

When Baby Teeth Start to Wiggle 

By the age of 12, most children will have lost all 20 of their baby teeth however the age at which teeth begin to fall out can vary. Usually, the first tooth will fall out at around age 6. Often the front teeth on the bottom and top are the first to go (they were probably the first to grow in as well). If one of your child’s back teeth become loose before the others, it’s a good idea to have a kids dentist take a look in case there are any other underlying causes. 

Let Nature Take Its Course

A loose tooth starts off as an exciting experience for kids. It’s something to show off to friends and family and then there is the anticipation of the Tooth Fairy’s visit! However loose baby teeth quickly become annoying when they hinder biting into or chewing the foods kids like. Biting the wrong thing, or catching a very loose tooth on your tongue can be a painful experience. You may be tempted to pull baby teeth when they become loose, just to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort. Ultimately, letting the tooth fall out naturally is the best way to avoid excessive pain, bleeding and infection. 

Assessing a Loose Permanent Tooth

If you discover that one or more of your permanent teeth has become loose schedule an appointment to see your dentist. Permanent teeth can become loose for many reasons including injury, decay, gum disease, and orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign. Some women even experience loose teeth during pregnancy. A loose tooth does not necessarily mean that the tooth is damaged or that it will eventually fall out. However, it is best to have it assessed by a family dentistry practitioner to see if there is an underlying problem that needs to be treated. When caught early, there is a better chance that the damage can be repaired and the tooth saved. 

Preventing Permanent Teeth From Falling Out

Once your dentist has determined the cause of the loose tooth he or she will recommend a treatment. There are plenty of options including bone grafting to improve the support structure of the jaw, inserting a crown, or possibly pulling the tooth to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth and bone. Dental implants or a bridge can replace the missing tooth and won’t impact your life tremendously but if you could prevent tooth loss, wouldn’t you? Proper oral care and prevention is the best way to ensure that missing teeth won’t someday affect your smile.  

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