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What’s the Deal with Teeth Whitening Toothpastes?

Do you get overwhelmed just looking at all of the toothpaste options on the market today? Why are there so many, and what do they all do? Certainly, teeth whitening in Waterdown and sensitivity toothpastes make up a large portion of the available options. But recently, remineralizing toothpastes have become popular.

The truth is that there is little evidence that one toothpaste performs better than another at cleaning and protecting your teeth from cavities. Sensitivity toothpaste does work to prevent nerve pain. However, it also masks the fact that there may be a larger problem that needs attention.

Teeth whitening toothpastes are often not recommended by dentists because they may contain abrasive ingredients which are meant to remove stains from teeth. They also wear away enamel, and if used over an extended time, they can negatively affect your teeth and gums. Ask your Waterdown dentist or hygienist which type of toothpaste is best for you, or read our blog that discusses the different types. If you’re interested in Teeth whitening in Waterdown, you can talk to us about that too!

Dental Veneers Give You Permanent Teeth Whitening in Waterdown

Dental veneers used to be a thing for the rich and famous to ‘cap’ their teeth with artificial facades that are straight, uniform and brighter in colour. But dental veneers have become more mainstream as different materials have become available, and more dentists are trained in installing them. Dental veneers are made of porcelain and fit over your existing teeth.

Dental veneers can hide imperfections such as chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth to improve the look of your smile. Dental veneers are usually colour matched to the rest of your teeth so that they look natural, however, there is an opportunity to go a shade or two lighter for a permanently whiter smile. Call us for a consultation on dental veneers and a smile makeover.

Is Your Waterdown Dentist Near Me a Childrens Dentist?

A child’s first trip to the dentist can set them up for better oral hygiene habits for the rest of their lives. So if you are looking for a dentist near me, look for a childrens dentist or one committed to making children feel safe and comfortable during visits.

A childrens dentist can help educate your little one on the importance of proper oral care and teach the proper techniques for brushing and flossing. Your childrens dentist in Waterdown will also be on the lookout for proper tooth and jaw development to head off any problems with a misaligned bite in the future.

Straighter Teeth Are Not Just for Looks

Did you know that more than half of the population have misaligned teeth that would qualify them for orthodontic care? While many kids get braces to straighten their teeth, there are a significant number of people who either can’t or do not for some other reason. Some of these people go on to develop other complications from their misaligned teeth that have nothing to do with their looks.

Headaches and jaw pain such as TMJ are caused or exacerbated by crooked teeth. That’s because when you bite down with misaligned teeth, they don’t meet together perfectly. That causes pressure points and eventually tension and pain. If you are experiencing these issues, see us for a consultation. Clear or traditional braces may be what you need to solve the problem.

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