Many patients at our Waterdown family dentistry clinic ask us about tooth whitening

Sometimes they want to have a dazzling smile for a big event like a wedding or milestone birthday. Sometimes they want to feel more confident presenting to clients and colleagues in the boardroom or on Zoom. Sometimes they simply want a whiter, brighter smile for themselves.

Regardless of the reason, we’re happy to talk to our patients about options for tooth whitening in Waterdown. Here are just a few of the things we feel our patients should know about tooth whitening:

tooth whitening waterdown

1. Are Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening Products Safe to Use?

The short answer is yes, they can be – with a lot of caveats. The Canadian Dental Association’s advice on tooth bleaching notes that you should always consult your dentist before considering tooth whitening. The dentist can assess the cause of tooth discolouration and advise you if whitening will work and if it is safe to use on your teeth. Some methods of tooth whitening are not appropriate for teeth that are demineralized, and will not whiten dental work like crowns and fillings. If you choose to proceed with tooth whitening/bleaching, it should be done under a dentist’s supervision, with approved products, and following all manufacturer’s directions.

2. Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter Products?

In general, professional tooth whitening is a more controlled process that delivers better results than over-the-counter products. Why? Because your dentist can recommend the right treatment for your teeth, and even provide custom-made trays you can use at home.

Your dentist uses a special gel containing a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients you can’t get in over-the-counter products. The gel is applied to your teeth, and a bright light is used to activate the gel. Together, the process breaks down surface stains and bleaches the outer layers of dentin below. The process is repeated a couple of times during the treatment to get the best results.

Your treatment is a personal choice, but if you want professional tooth whitening in Waterdown, of course, we want you to choose Cranberry Hill Dentistry

3. Are There Drawbacks to Tooth Whitening?

When products are used as directed, they should be safe for the majority of patients. Some of our patients report temporary tooth and gum sensitivity after treatment – this is a common side-effect of tooth whitening. Repeated bleaching beyond the initial treatment is not recommended by the Canadian Dental Association.

If you already have sensitive teeth, you can still choose tooth whitening. Your dentist can assess your teeth and recommend options that may be safer for you.

4. Be Cautious about Home Remedies

Many turn to natural home remedies like baking soda or activated charcoal to try to whiten their teeth. These products are naturally abrasive so have the ability to remove some stains from your teeth. However, they may also remove the protective enamel, so you may damage your teeth if you use them incorrectly, or over-use them. You should also note that there is currently no scientific evidence that these products work to whiten your teeth.

5. Always Consult with Your Dentist Before Trying Tooth Whitening

If we haven’t emphasized this enough, we thought we’d give it one more try. Your dentist knows your teeth and mouth the best, and can advise you on the safety and effectiveness of various tooth whitening methods – especially if you have dental work like crowns and fillings. They can also discuss other ways to whiten your teeth like veneers and bonding.

It’s important to note that teeth aren’t naturally white. So, you don’t need to whiten your teeth to smile confidently. At Cranberry Hill, we LOVE to see your smile. That’s because we know that the benefits of smiling and laughter go much deeper than glistening white teeth. 

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