Importance of Dental Hygiene

Dental health should be a top priority for everyone. Having a proper dental hygiene routine is essential to help prevent further dental problems, but it is also just as important when it comes to preventing serious health conditions. From pneumonia to heart disease, bacterial buildup in the mouth can cause some serious trouble. Which is why we have outlined some of the health conditions that can arise, as well as an ideal dental hygiene routine to help prevent any possible dental and health issues.

Improper Dental Hygiene Can Lead to Serious Health Conditions

Apart from bad breath and cavities, poor dental hygiene can also lead to some serious health conditions. Without following a proper dental hygiene routine, bacteria has the ideal conditions to grow. One health condition that could arise is pneumonia caused by the bacteria being ingested into the lungs. Another condition that could be a result of bacterial buildup in the mouth is endocarditis. This occurs when the bacteria from the mouth begins spreading throughout the bloodstream and attaches itself to certain parts of the heart. Some research even suggests that heart disease could be linked to infections and inflammation caused by oral bacterial buildup.

Oral Health Can Show Signs of Certain Conditions

Oral health can be a great indicator of certain health conditions that you may not even realize you have. Bleeding, swelling, and painful gums can be signs of gum disease that should be treated as soon as possible. However, gum disease in itself could be a possible indicator of diabetes, particularly if it is a more severe type of gum disease. Another sign of a condition may be painful lesions in the mouth which could indicate HIV or AIDS. Another condition that could first be noticed through oral health is osteoporosis which could be the result of losing teeth, completely unrelated to age. If at any point you notice that a tooth is loose, it is highly recommended to speak to a dentist and book a doctor’s appointment. Oral health will also decline for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. If someone has not yet been diagnosed, but their oral health is suddenly declining, it may be an indicator that Alzheimer’s disease is worsening.

Ideal Dental Hygiene Routine

To help prevent any serious health conditions caused by bacterial buildup in the mouth, it is important to have a proper daily dental hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing every morning and night is a great first step in your routine. Flossing will help remove food from in between the teeth, preventing bacterial buildup. The next step should be an antibacterial mouthwash to ensure all bad bacteria is removed and can not spread. There are many different types of mouthwash that can also help with additional problems you may have such as sensitivity and restoring enamel. Scheduling a dental cleaning every 6 months should also be part of your routine. This will ensure you get a proper deep clean and that there is no severe plaque buildup. It is also recommended to get an x-ray once a year to check for cavities and any other potential problems such as wisdom teeth growing and pushing aside the rest of your teeth.

Cranberry Hill Dentistry – Your Family Dentist in Waterdown

From pneumonia to heart disease, the bacterial buildup can cause many different health issues. A proper dental hygiene routine can help lower your risk of potentially serious health issues and ensure a beautiful bright smile. At Cranberry Hill Dentistry, we offer many different services to help keep your dental health at the top of its game. From semi-annual professional cleaning to yearly x-rays, our team of experts will ensure you feel both comfortable and taken care of. Make sure to book an appointment today.

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